Republicans Aren’t Ready to Govern

January 11, 2023


Kevin McCarthy has been Speaker of the House for less than a week, but he’s already enacted rules changes and proposed laws that demonstrate Republicans are unfit and unwilling to govern. Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans would rather defund critical programs, set the stage for an economic crisis, and abuse congressional oversight than fight for the American people.

Three of the most dangerous rules changes and proposed bills by House Republicans include:

1. Attacking the Office of Congressional Ethics
2. Rewriting the House Rules to Create Mayhem and Disorder
3. Passing Legislation in the House to Gut the IRS and Democratic Achievements

JDCA Board Member and Policy Chair Tom Kahn, who served as Democratic staff director for the House Budget Committee from 1997 to 2016, writes today in the LA Times about Republicans’ dangerous plan to balloon the deficit and how “their votes to create more debt show that the House Republicans aren’t ready to govern.” Click here to read and share.

Brace yourselves for two more years of power, corruption, and lies from the House GOP. This is why the work of JDCA is so important. Imagine how much worse off we’d be if Republicans controlled more House seats, the majority in the Senate, and the White House. JDCA is proud to be a part of the movement that is working to elect more Democrats who share our values and remove people like Kevin McCarthy from positions of power. We did it in 2022 and will do it again in 2024.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.


Samuel J. Crystal
Chief of Staff & Communications Director
Jewish Democratic Council of America