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New Poll Affirms Jewish Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Trump

May 22, 2019

Jewish Democratic Council of America Responds to New Poll of Jewish Voters

WASHINGTON – Data from a new poll of Jewish American voters confirms that despite President Trump’s assertions, Jewish voters are not joining the Republican Party and overwhelmingly disapprove of the job he’s doing as president.

The poll, released today by Greenberg Research on behalf of the non-partisan Jewish Electorate Institute (JEI), surveyed 1,000 Jewish voters in early May. It finds that the overwhelming majority of American Jewish voters continue to identify as Democrats and there has been no increase in Jewish support for Republicans since JEI’s last poll in October 2018. The poll also indicates that a majority of Jewish voters feel less secure than they did two years ago, and a majority of Jewish voters hold President Trump at least partially responsible for the recent attacks on synagogues in Pittsburgh and Poway.

“We now have hard data demonstrating that President Trump’s assertions of American Jews abandoning the Democratic party are entirely false. There has been no change in the number of Jewish voters identifying as Republicans, and Jewish voters remain staunch Democrats,” said Halie Soifer, Executive Director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

“American Jews vote their values and strongly disapprove of President Trump’s handling of nearly every issue, especially immigration and combating anti-Semitism. This poll also demonstrates that a majority of Jewish voters feel less secure than they did two years ago, and blame President Trump for the rise of anti-Semitism.

“Overwhelming disapproval of President Trump and the Republican policy agenda will drive the Jewish vote in 2020, and Republicans should be deeply concerned,” stated Soifer.

Key Findings of the Poll:

  • 73 percent of respondents believe the Jewish community is less secure than it was two years ago;
  • 71 percent of respondents disapprove of the way President Trump has handled anti-Semitism;
  • 67 percent of respondents would vote for a generic Democratic candidate over President Trump;
  • 59 percent of respondents believe that President Trump is partially to blame for the Pittsburgh and Poway synagogue shootings; and
  • 90 percent of respondents consider themselves pro-Israel, but issues related to Israel rank lowest in priority when determining which candidate to support.

Halie Soifer is available to discuss the findings of the JEI poll and its implications for the 2020 election cycle. Please contact Sarah Garfinkel at [email protected].


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