Press Release

JDCA Expands State Chapters Program, Launches New Jersey Chapter

June 30, 2023

WASHINGTON – The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) has expanded its state chapters program with the launch of a new chapter based in New Jersey.

The chapter is led by three well-known members of the New Jersey Jewish community: June Fischer, Jeff Grayzel, and Rabbi Benjamin Kelsen. Fischer has served as a 28-year National Democratic Committeewoman. Grayzel was the first-ever Democratic mayor of Morris Township. Rabbi Kelsen is involved in several Jewish organizations and community projects and is a former co-chair of the New Jersey State Democratic Committee Jewish caucus.

The chapter launch was held on Wednesday, June 28. At this event, participants learned more about JDCA’s impact across the country and discussed potential New Jersey initiatives. Speakers included retired State Senator Loretta Weinberg and JDCA’s Chief of Staff, Sam Crystal. Throughout her 30-year legislative career, Senator Weinberg was an ally to many and a leader who reflected her Jewish values on many important issues.

JDCA Political Chair Izzy Klein, who is from West Orange, NJ, said the following:

“JDCA is the home of Jewish voters supporting Democrats who share our values. We couldn’t be more excited to garner more support for our work from the New Jersey Jewish community. New Jersey has the second highest Jewish population of any state in America per capita, and we are counting on this chapter to do great things for Jewish Democrats not only in New Jersey but throughout America.”

In addition, Chapter Leads June Fischer, Jeff Grayzel, and Rabbi Benjamin Kelsen said the following:

“This work is important and will make Jewish voices more impactful in our state and around our country. We are looking forward to working with national and local groups, especially the NJDSC Jewish Caucus, to expand our influence as Jewish Americans in the democratic process.”

JDCA’s chapters continue to be an important driver of the organization’s mission of being the political home and voice of Jewish voters in support of Democrats who share our core values. The New Jersey chapter will help JDCA in leading issue advocacy efforts across the state and mobilizing the Jewish vote in New Jersey.


To get involved with the Jewish Dems New Jersey Chapter, contact [email protected]. To speak with a JDCA spokesperson, please contact [email protected].