Press Release

Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue: Donald Trump Indicted

March 31, 2023

WASHINGTON – With the news of Donald Trump’s indictment, the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA)’s CEO Halie Soifer released the following statement:

“Jewish Dems welcome the unprecedented indictment of Donald Trump, the first former U.S. president to be indicted and face possible jail time for his crimes. We believe in the Jewish value of ‘justice, justice you shall pursue’ and applaud the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for pursuing justice for Trump.  No one is above the law – including former presidents – and Donald Trump must be held accountable for his crimes.

“Just as he did throughout his presidency, Trump has continued to fan the dangerous flames of bigotry and hate. Anticipating his indictment, he invoked classic antisemitic and racist tropes and Holocaust distortion, calling Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg a ‘Soros backed animal’ and comparing prosecutors to the ‘Gestapo.’ We unequivocally reject the former president invoking dangerous and antisemitic conspiracy theories, which directly undermine the security of Jewish Americans. As we have seen, they also inspire other Republicans – including Florida Governor DeSantis – to echo these same antisemitic dog whistles.

“Donald Trump and the extremist Republican movement he leads threaten our democracy, community, freedoms, and values, and we look forward to seeing him brought to justice.”

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