Press Release

Jewish Dems Stand with Ukraine and Biden, Condemn Russia and Trump

February 24, 2022

WASHINGTON – Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Jewish Democratic Council of America CEO Halie Soifer released the following statement:

“​​Jewish Dems strongly reject Russia’s unconscionable aggression and premeditated war against Ukraine. As the international community holds Russia accountable for this unprovoked invasion and its violations of international law, we are grateful for President Biden’s steady and strong leadership. We encourage Jewish Dems around the country to join us in standing with Ukraine by signing a call to action.

“Jewish Dems strongly support another round of punitive sanctions implemented by the Biden administration against Russia, including cutting off Russia from the U.S. financial system. Vladimir Putin must face harsh and painful consequences for his belligerent and violent actions. We stand with President Biden and support the administration’s efforts to oppose Putin and stop further Russian aggression. We agree with President Biden that Russia’s actions ‘cannot go unanswered’ and that Putin must pay a high price for assaulting ‘the very principle of global peace.’ 

“Putin’s claim that his brutal invasion is a means to ‘denazify’ Ukraine is deeply disturbing. Not only is Ukrainian President Zelensky Jewish, but this claim is indicative of the lies and propaganda Putin is willing to spread about his malicious intentions in Ukraine. Let’s not forget – this is the first land war in Europe since WWII. We refuse to relive the darkest moments in history or let democracy be attacked at home, in Ukraine or in any sovereign nation. We also strongly support efforts to protect, defend, and relocate the Ukrainian Jewish community, as well as other religious minorities in Ukraine.

“We also must not ignore the unconscionable and repeated praise Donald Trump has bestowed on Putin as he violently invaded a sovereign nation. One cannot praise – or tolerate praise of – a violent autocrat, while at the same time standing for democracy and with the people of Ukraine. Trump’s statements are antithetical to American values and national security interests. At this time of war, it is painfully clear that Donald Trump’s loyalty lies with Russia, not the United States. All Republicans must now decide if that’s where they also stand – they cannot have it both ways.”