Press Release

Jewish Dems Spend $250,000 in Georgia to Mobilize Jewish Voters, Reelect Sen. Raphael Warnock

November 21, 2022

WASHINGTON – Today, the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA)’s political arm, JDCA PAC, released two new ads targeting Jewish voters in Georgia and urging them to support Sen. Raphael Warnock in the runoff election on December 6. The powerful ads will reach Jewish voters in Georgia wherever they are online with a message that highlights Sen. Warnock’s commitment to the values of Jewish voters, most notably defense of democracy. These ads come on top of JDCA PAC’s six-figure spend in Georgia targeting Jewish voters during the general election in support of Sen. Warnock.

View the “History is Watching Georgia” ad here:

View the “Stand Together” ad here: 

The new ads are part of a quarter-million dollar effort by JDCA PAC to engage Jewish Georgians during the 2022 election cycle. The first ad, titled “History is Watching Georgia,” quotes Sen. Warnock saying on the Senate floor, “I believe that democracy is the political enactment of a spiritual idea.” 

The second ad, called “Stand Together” features the testimonials of two Georgians – a Jewish community leader, Sherry Frank, and a Black community leader, M. Alexis Scott – with Sherry saying, “As a Jewish Georgian, I support Raphael Warnock for his faith, honesty and devotion to democracy.” It concludes with Alexis’s message that the Jewish and Black communities stand together in support of Warnock and opposition to his Republican opponent, Herschel Walker.

In addition to the new ads, JDCA and JDCA PAC are organizing canvassing and multiple phone and text banks to directly engage more than 100,000 Jewish voters in Georgia. These events will feature Democratic stars of the midterms, including Ohio Rep-Elect Landsman, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Pennsylvania Governor-Elect Josh Shapiro. These efforts continue a year of unprecedented mobilization of JDCA and JDCA PAC to get out the Jewish vote. The 1.5 million direct voter contacts made by JDCA volunteers this cycle had an impact in key races across 16 states, ensuring that 74% of Jewish voters supported Democrats in the midterms.  

JDCA CEO Halie Soifer said, “Just as it did during the midterms, the Jewish vote will help to determine the outcome of the Georgia Senate runoff and make the difference in support of Sen. Warnock. We are confident that these ads, combined with our outreach efforts, will help to deliver this 51st Senate seat to Democrats in December.”

JDCA Chair Ron Klein added, “The contrast between Sen. Warnock, a friend of the Jewish community and a champion of our values, and Herschel Walker, an unqualified extremist Republican, could not be more clear. In our campaign efforts across the country, we have seen the impact that mobilizing Jewish voters can have in competitive races, including Georgia. With a 51st Senate vote on the line, we are making certain that the Jewish vote ensures a win for Democrats, just like it did in November.”

In addition to these efforts, JDCA has a page on its website with information on Sen. Warnock’s strong record on Israel.


For more information on JDCA’s 2022 election successes, efforts in Georgia or to connect with CEO Halie Soifer, please reach out to [email protected]