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Jewish Dems Respond to Poll Showing Overwhelming Jewish Support for President Biden

July 13, 2021

Upon the release of a new poll from the Jewish Electorate Institute showing overwhelming Jewish support for President Biden and Democratic policies, Jewish Democratic Council of America CEO Halie Soifer released the following statement:

WASHINGTON – “This poll demonstrates why the past four years have only solidified the Democratic Party as the political home of American Jews. One need look no further than President Biden’s overwhelming share of the Jewish vote in 2020, and the fact that four-out-of-five Jewish voters today approve of the job Biden is doing as president, to understand that Jews overwhelmingly reject today’s Republican Party of Donald Trump.

“The poll also strongly refutes false narratives about the Jewish vote. American Jews overwhelmingly identify as pro-Israel, liberal Democrats, and — by a three-to-one margin — say right-wing antisemitism is more concerning than antisemitism emanating from the left. Also, despite the fact that a majority of American Jews are emotionally attached to Israel, it ranks as one of the lowest political priorities of Jewish American voters.

“For the first time, this poll demonstrates that Republican efforts to suppress the vote are a top political concern of American Jews. Jewish voters strongly support abolishing the Senate filibuster to pass comprehensive voting rights legislation, and want to see Congress act on this issue.”

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