Press Release

Jewish Dems’ New Ads Condemn Antisemitism, Support Senate Candidates in MI and GA

September 3, 2020

WASHINGTON –  Today, the Jewish Democratic Council of America launched new digital ads targeting Jewish voters in Michigan and Georgia in support of incumbent Senator Gary Peters and Senate candidate Jon Ossoff. The ads, targeting Jewish voters in Michigan and Georgia, are part of a significant, six-figure digital ad spend JDCA is launching between now and Election Day.

The ads highlight two Republican Senate candidates, incumbent Georgia Senator David Perdue and Michigan Republican Senate candidate John James, who have both trafficked in antisemitism, and affirm that “antisemitism is at an all-time high” because of Republicans, including Donald Trump.

The Peters ad highlights the fact that John James’ filmed a political ad in front of a swastika, and accused both parties of ‘genuflecting to our Jewish friends.’  The Ossoff ad highlights sitting Senator David Perdue’s antisemitic attack against Jon Ossoff exaggerating the size of his nose, and accusing him of being influenced by money.

The ads can be found here: JDCA PAC Jon Ossoff ad, and JDCA PAC Gary Peters ad.

JDCA executive director Halie Soifer said, “Jewish Dems in Michigan and Georgia overwhelmingly support Senator Gary Peters and Jon Ossoff because these candidates align with their values on key issues driving the Jewish vote. It’s also a fact that the two candidates running against Peters and Ossoff have invoked antisemitic language, imagery, and tropes in their campaigns, which will only strengthen Jewish support for the Democrats in both races.

“There’s a reason these two ads are similar – sadly, Republicans are using antisemitism and other forms of bigotry as part of their political strategy in 2020. GOP candidates from President Trump on down think hatred is a useful political tactic, and Jewish voters in Michigan, Georgia, and across the country reject it in the strongest possible terms.”

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