Press Release

Jewish Dems Deplore Kanye West’s Antisemitism, Call on Republicans to Disavow Trump’s Enablement

December 1, 2022

WASHINGTON – In response to the vile antisemitic rhetoric expressed by Kanye West to a frequent purveyor of hateful conspiracy theories, InfoWars, Jewish Democratic Council of America CEO Halie Soifer released the following statement:

“Kanye West’s antisemitism is dangerous and must be condemned by all, as should Donald Trump’s decision to repeatedly defend him. Trump’s embrace of West, who he hosted for dinner last week with neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes, epitomizes the fact that Donald Trump legitimizes, emboldens, and gives a platform to those who espouse hate. Those – including many Republican leaders – who refuse to explicitly acknowledge the twice-impeached former president’s role in fueling the fire of hatred make it harder to fight rising antisemitism and extremism in the United States. 

“As long as Donald Trump continues to embrace Hitler-sympathizer Kanye West, organizations that claim to support the safety and security of the Jewish people must explicitly disavow and condemn Donald Trump. The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) and all leaders of the Republican Party who fail to unequivocally condemn Trump, by name, for his embrace of antisemitism are complicit in Trump’s dangerous extremism and hate.”