Press Release

Jewish Dems Condemn Trump’s Latest Threat to American Jews, Call on Republicans to Condemn Trump’s Antisemitic Remarks

October 17, 2022

WASHINGTON – After former President Donald Trump complained about his lack of support among Jewish Americans and issued an ominous threat to Jews, Halie Soifer, CEO of the Jewish Democratic Council of America, responded and issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s ominous threat targeting American Jews is just the latest example of Republicans using antisemitism and extremism to further their political agenda. 

“In his ignorant screed yesterday, Trump repeated antisemitic tropes about Jewish Americans’ alleged dual loyalty to both the United States and Israel. He also threatened Jews to ‘get their act together’ and support him before it’s ‘too late.’ Too late for what? Trump’s statements are depraved and send dangerous messages to the tens of millions of Americans who follow his lead. We reject these statements and threats against the Jewish community in the strongest of terms.

“Donald Trump is attacking Jewish Americans because we have consistently rejected his and the Republican Party’s betrayal of our values and alignment with dangerous extremists. This will be reaffirmed when Jewish voters overwhelmingly support Democrats in November.

“We call on Republicans to condemn Trump’s antisemitism, but we’re not at all surprised by their deafening silence. For six years, Republicans have silently cowered to Trump and his antisemitic, insurrectionist MAGA minions, and now it’s too late for the GOP. The MAGA elements of the Republican Party – which threaten our community, democracy and values – have clearly taken over, and Jewish Americans are aiming to defeat them at the polls.”


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