Press Release

Jewish Dems Condemn The GOP’s “Jew-ish” Problem

January 3, 2023

WASHINGTON – After fabricating his entire life story, including his so-called “Jew-ish” identity and alleged family connection to Holocaust survivors, Rep.-Elect George Santos has been embraced and accepted by the House Republican Conference. On the day Santos takes the oath of office as a member of the House of Representatives, the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) strongly condemns the GOP’s tolerance of his deception and implores Congress to begin an immediate investigation into his lies and possible criminal activity.

JDCA CEO Halie Soifer said:

“By choosing to embrace a pathological liar as one of their own, the GOP has demonstrated there’s no limit to the extremism they’re willing to accept within the ranks of the Republican Conference. 

“During his campaign, George Santos falsely claimed Jewish lineage, fabricated a story about being the grandson of Holocaust survivors, and later said he considered himself to be ‘Jew-ish.’ After being elected to Congress, Santos attended an event alongside white nationalists and radical right-wing extremists, further demonstrating that he doesn’t understand – nor has he ever been a part of – the Jewish American community.

“Santos’s long record of deception and lies is an insult to all Jewish Americans, including the nearly ten percent of New York’s 3rd Congressional District who are legitimately Jewish. Just like every other aspect of his personal narrative, being ‘Jew-ish’ is an imaginary construct used for political expediency. It’s no more real than any lie on which Santos’s election to Congress was based.

“Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s deafening silence regarding Santos’s incessant lies speaks volumes about his and the GOP’s morally bankrupt leadership, and it’s an insult to all Jewish Americans. On this day of Santos’s swearing-in, we implore the Republican Conference to reject George Santos and for Congress to take action to immediately investigate his lies and deception. The people of NY-3 deserve better than the GOP’s ‘Jew-ish’ problem.”


For more information on JDCA’s work to combat Republican extremism and antisemitism, please reach out to [email protected].