Press Release

Jewish Dems Condemn Ron DeSantis’s Speech in Jerusalem

April 27, 2023

WASHINGTON – In response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s remarks in Israel today, the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) CEO Halie Soifer said the following:

“In a speech earlier today at the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, Gov. DeSantis falsely asserted that ‘Florida has led the way on combating the scourge of antisemitism.’ This is simply not the case. Throughout his time in office, DeSantis has tolerated, accepted, and normalized right-wing extremists who have espoused white nationalist and antisemitic views, and his book-banning laws have forced the removal of Holocaust books in Florida schools. He was extremely slow to respond to neo-Nazis marching on the streets of Orlando, and his tepid response endangered the Jewish American community. Like Donald Trump and other Republicans, DeSantis has invoked antisemitic rhetoric accusing Jewish donors like George Soros of controlling elected officials. Even Jewish Republicans have pressured Gov. DeSantis to address antisemitism, and we fully agree with them.

“DeSantis had no business speaking at the Museum of Tolerance unless he was aiming to serve as an example of intolerance that has been normalized by the Republican Party in recent years. His administration frequently targets marginalized communities of all backgrounds, including LGBTQI+ children, immigrants, and Black Americans. DeSantis also said in his speech in Jerusalem that, in Florida, ‘we treat antisemitism the way we treat racism,’ which is true only in the sense that DeSantis’s policies have emboldened both antisemites and racists in Florida and beyond.

“President Biden and Democrats have the support of the vast majority of Jewish American voters because of their ongoing efforts to restore the soul of America and combat antisemitism and bigotry, while also supporting Israel. In the next 18 months, JDCA will do everything we can to re-elect President Biden and to ensure Republican extremists stay far away from the White House.”

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