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Jewish Dems Condemn GOP Obstruction and Trump Opposition of Aid to Israel

February 16, 2024

WASHINGTON – Following Senate passage earlier this week of an emergency aid package for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan, as well as humanitarian assistance, Jewish Democratic Council of America CEO Halie Soifer urged House Republicans to bring the package to a vote as soon as possible:

“JDCA strongly supports the national security package that passed the Senate earlier this week, and implores House Republicans to take action. This vital emergency aid package advances America’s national security interests in Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan, and provides critical humanitarian assistance to Palestinian and Ukrainian civilians.

“Democrats have consistently and overwhelmingly supported the Biden-Harris Administration’s pledge of emergency assistance to Israel, Ukraine, and other allies since he requested it on October 20. Under a Democratic House majority, this aid package would have passed in October. Instead, Republicans have obstructed and delayed the package for four months, prioritizing political demands of Donald Trump over our national security. In an appalling act of irresponsibility, Speaker Johnson adjourned the House for two weeks without taking action.

“Donald Trump recently said that he opposed U.S. assistance to Israel, in addition to threatening to abandon our NATO allies. Republicans who previously supported the Israel aid package, including Sen. Graham, reversed course as soon as Trump announced his opposition. Trump’s obstructionist and isolationist policies continue to endanger U.S. national security, as well as those of our allies around the world. Speaker Johnson knows this bill would pass if he brought it to the floor, but the GOP’s egregious actions of the past week demonstrate they are beholden to Trump’s dangerous agenda as opposed to the security interests of the United States.”

“President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats’ strong and consistent support for military assistance to Israel, without cuts or conditions, is one of many reasons Jewish Americans overwhelmingly align with and trust President Biden and Democrats. We call on Republicans to follow their lead and end needless delays and obstruction, and expeditiously pass this vital security assistance package. Our allies cannot wait.”



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