Press Release

JDCA Endorses President Joe Biden for Re-Election in 2024

April 25, 2023

WASHINGTON – Following President Joe Biden’s launch of his 2024 re-election campaign, the Jewish Democratic Council of America, (JDCA) announced its endorsement of his candidacy. 

Hon. Ron Klein, JDCA Board Chair and former Congressman for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District said the following:

“President Biden has been one of the most consequential presidents in modern American history. From the American Rescue Plan to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill to the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden has accomplished a remarkable amount despite extreme Republican obstructionism. The Jewish community and JDCA played a critical role in helping to ensure victory for the Biden-Harris ticket in 2020, and we look forward to doing it again in 2024.”

Halie Soifer, JDCA CEO, said the following:

“Since announcing his candidacy for president four years ago, President Biden has sought to advance the policy priorities and values of Jewish American voters, including restoring the soul of America. We’re grateful for the Biden administration’s efforts to  defend democracy, combat right-wing extremism and antisemitism, ensure access to affordable healthcare and abortion, protect the environment, advance gun safety reform, support the U.S.-Israel relationship, and more. 

For the next 18 months, Jewish Dems will work to ensure not only that President Biden and Vice President Harris win re-election, but that they do so with the strong support of Jewish voters. In 2020, the key battleground states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia ensured a Biden-Harris win. In each of these states, JDCA and the Jewish vote played a critical role in ensuring their victory, and we’re proud to launch our efforts to replicate this win in 2024.” 


To speak with a JDCA spokesperson about the organization’s endorsements, please contact [email protected].