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Article WPTV 5: Former President Donald Trump’s criticism of ‘U.S. Jews’ prompts backlash
Article The Times: White House accuses Donald Trump of antisemitic post on Truth Social
Article upolitics: Trump Condemns American Jews For Not Appreciating Him: ‘Get Your Act Together Before It’s Too Late!’
Article 1340 WJOL: White House blasts what it calls Trump’s ‘antisemitic’ comments
Article Benzinga: Trump Gets Criticized For ‘Unabashed Antisemitism’ As He Asks US Jews To ‘Get Their Act Together’
Article Newsweek: Trump’s Israel Comments Divisive and Antisemitic, Jewish Groups Say
Article Vanity Fair: Donald Trump, Who Reportedly Praised Hitler in Private, Gives Antisemites the Greenlight to Go After Jews
Article ABC News: White House blasts what it calls Trump’s ‘antisemitic’ comments
Article Yahoo News: Twitter Critics Explode Over Trump’s Threat To Jews To Be More Grateful To Him Or Else
Article Jerusalem Post: AJC, ADL decry Donald Trump’s attack on US Jews
Article CNN: Trump complains American Jews don’t appreciate his moves on Israel, drawing criticism
Article CBS News: Trump critical of “U.S. Jews” in social media post
Article The Hill: Trump blasted for telling American Jews to ‘get their act together’
Article HuffPost: Trump Tells Jews To ‘Get Their Act Together’ And Appreciate Him More
Article Haaretz: U.S. Jewish Orgs Slam Trump for Warning American Jews to ‘Get Their Act Together’
Article Mirror: Trump accused of threatening American Jews by saying they must ‘get their act together’
Article Times of Israel: Trump warns US Jews to ‘get their act together,’ says he’d ‘easily’ be PM in Israel
Article Raw Story: ‘Two-bit goon’ Trump ignites furious backlash for demanding U.S. Jews act more like Evangelicals
Article Haaretz: ‘Morally Outrageous’: Jewish Women Lead Charge Against U.S. Abortion Bans
Article Jewish Insider: In Conor Lamb’s Western Pennsylvania district, it’s anyone’s race
Article JTA: Republican and Democratic Jewish groups launch campaigns in close Nevada Senate race
Article Newsweek: Candace Owens Says Kanye West Tweet Not Antisemitic—Jewish Groups Disagree
Article Jerusalem Post: JDCA endorses nine additional candidates ahead of the 2022 midterms
Article Charlie Crist for Governor: Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) Endorses Charlie Crist for Governor of Florida
Article WisPolitics: Pfaff campaign: Brad Pfaff announces JDCA Endorsement
Article PA Politics: PA-01 Endorsement List
Article Jerusalem Post: RJC announces massive $1.5m ad spending in Pennsylvania Senate race
Article Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Herschel Walker’s campaign in turmoil as adult son accuses him of violence, lying
Article Halie Soifer in The Forward: Jewish Voters Have The Power to Carry the Democrats in the Midterms
Article Las Vegas Review Journal: Former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley stumps for Adam Laxalt

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