Meet Senator David Perdue (R-GA)

November 18, 2020

Sen. David Perdue has emboldened hate and antisemitism, downplayed COVID-19, and profited off of COVID-19, and is committed to ripping away people’s healthcare coverage.

Emboldening and Spreading Hate: His campaign engaged in an egregious antisemitic attack against Jewish opponent Jon Ossoff by doctoring a photo of Ossoff by enlarging and elongating his nose. As Ossoff said when denouncing the ad, the sitting Senator engaged in “the oldest, most obvious, least original antisemitic trope in history.” The ad also attacked Jewish Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as trying to “buy” elections in Georgia. 

JDCA released the following ad in support of Jon Ossoff and denouncing Senator Perdue’s antisemitic attack.


In October 2020, while campaigning with President Donald Trump, Senator Perdue intentionally mispronounced Kamala Harris’ name. This overt act of racism was an attempt to paint Vice-President elect Harris, whom Perdue serves with in the Senate, as un-American. The gross disrespect toward his Senate colleague was steeped in racism and hate. Senator Perdue left no doubt that he has fully embraced Donald Trump’s strategy of bigotry.

Refusal to Combat the Pandemic: Since the pandemic began, Senator Perdue has defended the disastrous actions of the Trump White House. He has parroted the factually inaccurate arguments made by President Trump that COVID-19 was similar to the flu or that the numbers of people infected were similar to car crash fatalities. He even mocked the responsible leadership of Jon Ossoff, who held socially distanced rallies. Despite the pandemic continuing to sweep through communities, Senator Perdue has worked to strip away healthcare coverage from his most vulnerable constituents by seeking to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Corruption: Senator Perdue bought stock in a company that produces Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a vital tool to combatting COIVD-19, on January 24, the same day the Senate received a classified briefing on the spread of COVID-19. At the same time that he has used a pandemic to get rich quick, Georgians were getting sick and dying of COVID-19.