Kansas Showed the Path to Victory

August 3, 2022

Jewish Dems Support Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock for re-election in Georgia

JDCA is celebrating yesterday’s electoral victory in Kansas, where voters overwhelmingly rejected Republican attempts to strip abortion rights and protections from the state’s constitution. From rural Kansas to the suburbs and cities, voters across party lines rejected the GOP’s assault on reproductive freedom. This is only the beginning and it is up to us to turn this momentum into victory across the nation in the midterm elections.

Activists and voters in Kansas showed us the path to victory this November. Voter turnout was historically high: Over 900,000 Kansans voted in the referendum, nearly matching the 2018 midterm election totals. The victory in Kansas teaches us two lessons for this November: Voters across the country and across party lines do not support the Republican Party’s extreme stance on abortion, and Americans are highly motivated to hold the Republican Party accountable at the polls for their assaults on our rights.

At JDCA we’re focusing our efforts in states where the Jewish electorate can deliver victory for Democrats in close races. The Jewish vote can make the difference, and with your support, we will get out Jewish voters for Democrats in tight races throughout the country. Take action with us by calling on your friends to commit to voting for Democrats who will protect abortion rights.


Thank you for your continued partnership and support.


Samuel J. Crystal
Spokesperson, Jewish Democratic Council of America