Jewish Journal: Who Are the Jews On Joe Biden’s Cabinet?

November 24, 2020

By Ryan Torok

In a statement about Biden’s nominees, Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) noted the strong Jewish presence. “We are proud of the fact that this slate of nominees includes multiple Jewish Americans and others whose family history represents the rich tapestry of American society,” the JDCA said. “Their understanding of our past will help build a stronger future.”

According to the JDCA, Biden’s appointment of four Jewish individuals to his presidential cabinet exceeds the number of Jews who were appointed to Trump’s cabinet over the course of four years. According to JDCA, Trump had three Jewish people in his cabinet.

During his remarks on Tuesday, the president-elect expressed confidence that this team is the right group of people to lead the country at this time. “To the American people, this team will make us proud to be Americans,” he said.

Biden, a Democrat, also said he hoped the U.S. Senate, which may feature a Republican majority depending on the results of two upcoming runoff elections in Georgia, would give his nominees “a prompt hearing.”