Jewish Insider: Biden picks Kamala Harris. Here’s what you need to know

August 12, 2020

By Marc Rod Jacob Kornbluh

Jewish Democratic Council of America executive director Halie Soifer, who previously served as a national security advisor to Harris at the beginning of her term in the Senate, told JI that she’s excited to see Harris on the ticket because of her leadership skills and her values. Soifer pointed to the Senate resolution condemning hate and antisemitism she sponsored with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) in 2017 as proof that Harris is “willing and able to work with the other side of the aisle, to work with Republicans to to get things done.”

“She’s no nonsense,” Soifer continued in singing her former boss’s praises. “She’s very values-driven, and she’s just a person with deep convictions — and one of them is support of the U.S.-Israel relationship and supporting the Jewish community. So I have no doubt that the Jewish community is celebrating alongside me tonight.”