Jerusalem Post: Jewish activists fired up as control of Senate hinges on Georgia runoffs

November 16, 2020

By Omri Nahmias

Michael Rosenzweig, head of the Jewish Democratic Council of America Georgia’s Chapter, said there is so much at stake in the Senate races.

“One of the things that we’re saying to the Jewish voters in Georgia is – it’s great that we elected Biden. That was a major victory, not to be diminished at all, but we have to finish the job if we really want to move the agenda of the country from Trump and Trumpism. And we need to give Democrats control of the Senate,” Rosenzweig said.

He noted that in at least five states, including Georgia, the Jewish vote for Biden was more than his margin of victory.

“So we’re going to be doing targeted digital advertising. We target voters wherever they are online. We’re making new ads for the runoff election. We are also doing phone banking and texting and it’s going to target voters using their cellphone numbers.”

Rosenzweig also responded to the Republicans’ criticism of Warnock.

“Those attacks are disingenuous and dishonest because Warnock has a long record and close relationship with the Jewish community here in Atlanta. He’s done a lot of interfaith work, and he is considered to be a staunch ally of the Jewish community,” he said. “His position on Israel is very clear: he favors a two-state solution, he is opposed to BDS. He favors the continuation of military aid, and he is categorically against condition aid to Israel. So we are making it clear that his positions on Israel are absolutely to be trusted.”