Jerusalem Post: Billy Crystal, Bill Kristol star in ad for Jews for Biden

October 10, 2020

By Omri Ron

As the US election approaches, a new ad campaign starring famous actor and comedian Billy Crystal and Republican commentator Bill Kristol attempts to rally Jewish voters in support of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The purpose of the ad is to show why Jewish voters with different political perspectives should not vote for US President Donald Trump and vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“This ad is aimed at mobilizing a key segment of the electorate, Jewish voters, many of whom live in swing states where their votes could determine the outcome of the election. The ad features Billy Crystal and Bill Kristol, who – despite their different political views and backgrounds – are united in their support of Joe Biden,” JDCA Executive Director Halie Soifer said.

“Our nation is in crisis, and Joe Biden is the leader we need to address COVID-19, rising white nationalism, Trump’s assault on our democracy, and Republican efforts to deprive millions of Americans of access to affordable health care. That is what drove this effort, and will drive Jewish voters to reject Donald Trump and support Joe Biden in this historic election.”

The ad was previewed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and was produced for JDCA in partnership with Jews Defending American Values.

The ad was directed by Rob Reiner, written by Phil Rosenthal and produced by Wake Up & Vote in partnership with Jews Defending American Values, which is also mobilizing Jewish voters to support Joe Biden.