October 7, 2022

We have 31 days until the most important midterm election of our lifetimes. Jewish Dems are doing everything we can to ensure the Jewish vote turns out for Democrats in November, including announcing the endorsement of nine additional candidates running for the House and governorships across the country. Our newly endorsed Democratic candidates are running against Republican extremists who traffic in lies about the 2020 election and oppose abortion rights, and you can play a role in helping them win. These Democrats’ victories are critical to defending our democracy and our rights. Check out all of JDCA’s 2022 endorsements.

Jewish Dems Endorse


Read our latest op-ed in The Forward, Jewish Voters Have the Power to Carry Democrats in the Midterms, which underscores the importance of JDCA’s work.

Jewish Dems are also speaking out against Republican extremism and hypocrisy. This week, we called out the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC)’s abandonment of the Jewish community this week in the Jerusalem Post and Republican Adam Laxalt’s dangerous extremism in the Las Vegas Journal-Review.

In case you missed it, JDCA CEO Halie Soifer was named to the Jerusalem Post’s list of the top 50 most influential Jews of 2022. Read the Jerusalem Post’s write-up on our election work and Haaretz’s coverage of our Path to Victory Rally.


As we celebrate the New Year and the start of Sukkot, we leave you with words of inspiration from the country’s leading voting rights attorney and founder of Democracy Docket, Marc Elias: “Democracy is like that Sukkah that you build. It is not a permanent structure that will just naturally weather storms. It is something that you need to tend to because it’s not going to last without you tending to it.” Click here to watch the full video clip, and wishing you a happy Sukkot.

Shabbat Shalom,

Hon. Ron Klein
Board Chair, Jewish Democratic Council of America

Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America