Dems’ Path to Victory Starts With You

July 7, 2022

President Biden and Democrats are working with one of the slimmest congressional majorities in U.S. history, which has impeded Democratic efforts to pass legislation codifying abortion access, protecting our democracy and right to vote, and banning assault weapons. We can only overcome Republican obstruction and take such measures to defend our security, democracy, and rights if we elect more Democrats.

Dems have a path to victory in the midterms. After a slew of disastrous Supreme Court decisions, mass shootings, and assaults on our democracy, Americans are increasingly motivated to reject Republican extremism at the polls. As a part of the Jewish Dems movement, you can help us get out the vote for Democrats who share our values and help stop Republican obstruction in Congress. Read about how we will win in November and support JDCA’s work as the only national organization combining Jewish values advocacy with political efforts, exclusively mobilizing Jewish voters in support of Democrats in the midterms.

Jewish Dems will play a key role in expanding our Senate majority by supporting Democratic incumbents and challengers who share our values in key states such as New Hampshire and Nevada. Republicans are running dangerous Trump-aligned and supported candidates like Blake Masters, an extremist with strong support from white supremacists in Arizona, serial liar and Trump acolyte Herschel Walker in Georgia, dishonest TV personality Dr. Oz, who doesn’t even live in Pennsylvania, and 2020 election deniers JD Vance in Ohio and Ted Budd in North Carolina. Similar situations are playing out in Wisconsin and Florida, where Republican insurrectionists and extremists like Sens. Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio are up for reelection. Read more about the Senate races every Jewish Democrat should be watching and the Democrats we’re supporting here and here.

Expanding Democrats’ majority in the House may be harder, but it’s possible if we defend a handful of key seats and defeat a handful of vulnerable Republican incumbents. In states like Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Ohio, JDCA is deploying a highly targeted and strategic grassroots campaign to support candidates in races where Jewish voters can play a key role in delivering victory for Democrats. To help deliver the Jewish vote for Dems in the House, join your local JDCA chapter and support our work. Take action with our movement today to help Democrats win in November.

Thank you for your partnership,

Halie Soifer,
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America