Defending & Expanding Our Senate Majority, Part 1

May 31, 2022

Everything is on the line in the midterm elections. The tragic murders of 19 children and two adults in Uvalde, Texas, and of 10 Black Americans in Buffalo, New York come after years of Republican obstruction of common-sense gun safety reform. Republican extremism on gun violence prevention, abortion access, and democracy demonstrate the stakes in the upcoming midterm elections. There is so much on the line, and JDCA is doing all we can to ensure Democrats win in 2022.

The key to winning in November is getting involved and helping candidates early. JDCA has already endorsed 62 congressional and gubernatorial candidates. Last week, we added three new endorsements, including John Fetterman for Senate in Pennsylvania, who is one of eight candidates we must elect to hold and expand the Democrats’ Senate majority.  This week, Democrats are moving on passing several new gun safety bills. None of these bills can pass in the Senate unless we elect enough Democrats to reform or abolish the filibuster, which Republicans repeatedly abuse to prevent bills from even being called for a vote.

In every key Senate race, there is an extremist Republican running whose victory would be deeply dangerous to the future of our democracy. The GOP is running Big Lie candidates who support draconian abortion policies, align with extremists, and oppose common-sense gun safety legislation.

Keep reading for more about four critical Senate races to watch in the midterms. Check your inbox again tomorrow for a message about four more Senate races to watch!



As the former pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock has built and cultivated strong ties with Georgia’s Jewish community. JDCA played a key role in mobilizing Georgia’s Jewish vote in 2020 because Sen. Warnock is an ally of the Jewish community, Israel, and democracy, and we’ll do it again in 2022.

Sen. Warnock is running against Republican Herschel Walker, a former NFL running back who gained fame playing for the University of Georgia. Walker is an extremist Trump-endorsed candidate and has no understanding of the issues facing Georgia voters. He has blatantly rejected basic science, questioning the accuracy of the theory of evolution. Walker proved in several recent media appearances that he cannot even articulate his opinions on crucial issues such as gun safety. We cannot allow Herschel Walker to stumble his way into the Senate – we must reelect Sen. Warnock.



Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, the former Attorney General of Nevada, has championed issues of importance to Jewish Democrats, including support of Israel, defending democracy, and combatting antisemitism. Sen. Cortez Masto made history as the first Latina ever elected to the United States Senate and is a proven leader on key issues in Nevada. She is gearing up for a tough re-election campaign in a state that President Biden narrowly won.

The GOP primary in Nevada is in June, but as of now, former state Attorney General Adam Laxalt is the front runner. Laxalt was a co-chair of the Trump 2020 campaign in Nevada, has been endorsed by Trump for Senate, and directly led the effort to overturn the election results in Nevada. In addition, he’s deeply anti-abortion and has earned the endorsement of some of the most malicious Republican politicians: Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Tom Cotton, and Josh Hawley. Laxalt would be a danger to American democracy if elected to the Senate.



Senator Mark Kelly is a Navy Veteran and retired NASA astronaut proudly representing the state of Arizona. He has championed gun reform alongside his wife, former Arizona congresswoman, and gun violence survivor Hon. Gabby Giffords. JDCA endorsed and supported Sen. Kelly in 2020 and his office has worked closely with JDCA on issues of importance to the Jewish community.

The primary for the Republican nomination is not until August and there is a litany of dangerous candidates on the ballot. Recent polling has shown venture capitalist Blake Masters in first, on the coattails of endorsements from Tucker Carlson and Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn. Masters supported the conspiratorial Maricopa County ‘Cyber Ninjas’ audit of the 2020 election. We must keep Masters and his fellow Republican candidates far away from the Senate and give Sen. Kelly a full term.



Senator Maggie Hassan is running for re-election in New Hampshire, where in 2016 she prevailed by just 800 votes. Senator Hassan is a friend of Jewish Dems and is committed to expanding economic opportunity for the Granite State.

Retired Army brigadier general Donald Bolduc is the front runner for the Republican nomination. A prominent promoter of the Big Lie, Bolduc lost the Republican primary for the 2020 Senate election, has claimed that the United States has become Marxist under Democratic control, and even accuses moderate Republicans of sympathizing with Communists. Bolduc has no place in the Senate.

Sen. Hassan is a proven leader who delivers for New Hampshire.

In each critical Senate election, we see extremist, dangerous Republicans and progressive, bold Democrats on the ballot. We must work to ensure every Democrat wins. More is on the line than partisan politics in 2022, including the future of our democracy, our rights, safety. and security amid unprecedented Republican threats.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support.


Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America