Calling Out GOP Antisemitism

August 19, 2022

Earlier this week, JDCA PAC released a new hard-hitting ad exposing the GOP as the party of white nationalism, antisemitism, and extremist threats to our democracy. As we said in Haaretz, “There’s a direct correlation between those who threaten our community through white supremacy or antisemitic ideology and those who threaten our democracy…This ad intends to send a message to Jewish independent voters that they should support Democrats up and down the ballot.” The ad has been shared widely online and is being sent directly to voters in multiple states where extremist Republicans are running for the Senate and the Jewish vote can determine the outcome of the election. Help us reach even more voters by watching and sharing our ad today.

Liz Cheney losing her primary election this week, despite having voted with Donald Trump 93% of the time during his presidency, is the latest example of the dangerous descent of the GOP. Nothing short of full and unquestioned loyalty to Donald Trump is acceptable in today’s Republican Party, which — as the ad demonstrates — has been overtaken by extremists who threaten our democracy, security and values.

So much is on the line this November — our democracy, our reproductive rights, our values — and JDCA is the only national organization exclusively mobilizing Jewish voters in support of Democrats. As Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said before President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act earlier this week, “Americans are seeing what it looks like to have a president and a Congress that are focused on delivering results that make their lives better.” Leader Schumer is right — thanks to these many successes, polls are showing stronger support for Democrats heading into the midterms. Take action with JDCA today by thanking Democrats in Congress for passing this historic bill and joining JDCA today to keep this momentum going as we approach November.

JDCA and JDCA PAC will continue to do everything we can to mobilize Jewish voters across the country in support of Democrats, including the release of more hard-hitting ads targeting extremist Republican candidates running in states that will determine the congressional majority in the Senate and House. Share the ad on social media, read about it in Haaretz, and share our ad so we can reach even more Jewish voters across the country.

Shabbat Shalom,

Hon. Ron Klein, JDCA Board Chair
Halie Soifer, JDCA CEO