PETITION: Senator McConnell, Wait Until After Election to Vote on Supreme Court Nominee

A woman’s right to choose. The safety of our children from gun violence. Racial and social equality. Voting rights, gerrymandering, and freedom of speech. Separation of church and state. Economic and social justice. And so much more.
These are the critical issues that are on the line now that President Trump will fill another seat on the Supreme Court. The stakes could not be higher – the next Supreme Court justice will serve as the determining vote on many issues that will directly impact our lives and those of future generations.  Sign the petition.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans stole a Supreme Court seat in 2016 by claiming that Supreme Court nominees could not be confirmed in an election year. Join Jewish Democrats in speaking out, demanding McConnell follow the precedent he established, and wait until after the November elections before confirming any new Supreme Court nominee.

The stakes could not be higher and we need your help immediately to ensure our voices are heard at this critical time.  Sign the petition.



Dear Senator McConnell:

When a Supreme Court seat opened in February 2016, you claimed that that Supreme Court nominees could not be considered by the Senate during an election year. Judge Merrick Garland, an impeccably qualified jurist appointed to the Court by President Obama, was denied a confirmation hearing and a vote for more than eight months as a result of the precedent you established in 2016.

Today, we demand that you apply this standard — which you established less than two years ago — to the successor of Justice Anthony Kennedy. As you know, Justice Kennedy will step down less than four months before the midterm elections, at the end of July.

As you so strongly advised yourself, no Supreme Court nominee should be voted on until the American people have the opportunity to have their voices heard at the polls. We implore you to follow your own precedent this election year, and wait until the next Senate is sworn in in 2019 before confirming a Supreme Court nominee.