JPost: Democrats eye Jewish votes in bin to win back House of Representatives

Democrats plan to micro-target Jewish-American voters residing in congressional districts that have been led by Republicans for years, eyeing races in the November midterm elections that may hinge on a mere handful of votes and thus rely on their turnout, several political operatives told The Jerusalem Post this week.

The coming effort was described as “artful and strategic,” “scientific” and “analytics-based.”

The race clarified just how important each vote will be in November – but also on a tactical level, how certain Democratic votes that have been neglected in past campaigns will require fresh attention.

“I’m not going to tell you that it was the Jewish community that swung that race, but it contributed,” said Ron Klein, board chairman of the Jewish Democratic Council of America. “This has the potential of being a fairly significant, watershed election, and all the performance statistics indicate there will be many seats in play.”

To what extent Democrats will target Jewish votes “is limited to the capacity we have,” Klein said, “but we’re in the process of fund-raising right now.”

“There are different things we can do in different communities,” he added.

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