Forward: After Conor Lamb, could blue ‘Jew wave’ help Democrats retake congress?

The stunning news of Democrat Conor Lamb’s apparent victory in a closely watched special election for a congressional district in southwestern Pennsylvania sent Jewish Democrats into an unlikely spree of excitement…

Even if the GOP does better than expected in November, the 2018 midterms have already drawn a record number of Jewish candidates running on the Democratic side, said Ron Klein, a former Florida congressman who now heads the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

The reason isn’t hard to identify. The man in the White House has pushed many Democrats into action.

“Many have been driven by Trump,” Klein said. “People are tired of throwing their shoes at the TV.”

Klein believes results of the Pennsylvania special elections on Tuesday indicate a trend marked by disillusioned Trump voters who are now willing to “give a look at who else is running” and consider crossing party lines.

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