JDCA calls on RJC to end Paul Nehlen silence

The Jewish Democratic Council of America calls on the Republican Jewish Coalition to condemn GOP Congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, and end their baffling silence.

Paul Nehlen is a neo-Nazi—plain and simple. In the course of his campaign for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seat in US Congress, he has retweeted and followed prominent neo-Nazis. He’s made innumerable inflammatory statements about Jews. Just yesterday, Nehlen tweeted, “I’ve compiled a list of ‘verified’ users who have attacked me *in the past month alone* for my #AmericaFirst positions. Of those people, 74 are Jews.” He then published the list.

The RJC has remained silent.

In doing so, they have neglected their mission of “fostering and enhancing ties between the American Jewish community and Republican lawmakers.” There are no ties to foster or enhance between Nehlen and the Jewish community. The only response to his hateful, destructive rhetoric is swift, unequivocal condemnation. The longer they stay silent, the longer they fail their obligation to the community they claim to serve.

That Nehlen is a Republican, and proud of his party affiliation, should change nothing for the RJC: This is bigger than partisan politics. Hate is hate.

We call on the RJC to end their silence, and stand up to hatred. It’s about time.