In The News

By Melissa Weiss 

As in-person convenings across the country have been rendered impossible due to the coronavirus pandemic, organizations have taken to the internet to connect with supporters and expand their reach. Since the start of the pandemic, Jewish Insider has compiled statistics, released weekly, on the webinars and online events being held across the community.

Week of June 5-June 11:

  1. 2,451 — Anti-Defamation League, 6/11: “Fighting Hate from Home: Standing up in the Face of Hate in America Today” feat. Jonathan Greenblatt
  2. 1,155 — Jews United for Democracy and Justice and Community Advocates, 6/10: “America at a Crossroads: Two Views of a Controversial Presidency” feat. David Frum and Peter Beinart
  3. 1,023 — American Jewish Committee, 6/5: “The Six-Day War: Why It Still Matters 53 Years Later” feat. David Harris
  4. 798 — American Jewish Committee, 6/8: “A Conversation with H.E. Dina Kawar, Ambassador of Jordan to the United States”
  5. 568 — Jewish Council for Public Affairs, 6/10: “White Nationalism, Racism and Antisemitism in America Today” feat. Amy Spitalnick and Eric K. Ward
  6. 511 — American Jewish University, 6/10: “Author Talk: Ayelet Gundar-Goshen Discusses The Liar”
  7. 508 — American Jewish University, 6/9: “Keep Calm and Read On – Defender of the Faith” feat. Lisa Silverman
  8. 493 — American Jewish University, 6/8: ”Spiritual Journeys and Religious Pursuits: A Conversation About Hassidism” feat. Dr. Michael Berenbaum, Arthur Green and Ariel Evan Mayse
  9. 487 — J Street, 6/5: “Building Political Power to Fight Racial Justice” feat. Rashad Robinson
  10. 455 — Jewish Democratic Council of America, 6/9: “Racial Injustice is a Jewish Issue: Reflecting on a Turbulent Week in America and Opportunities for Change” feat. Tema Smith, Marra B. Gad and Rabbi Michael Latz