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If Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock are elected to the Senate, the upper chamber will be split 50-50 with VP Kamala Harris holding the tie breaking vote. Jewish Dems are doing everything we can to mobilize Jewish voters in Georgia to turn out and vote, but we need your help. Sign up to phone bank, text bank, canvass, and more.

Rev. Warnock On The Issues

Reverend Warnock represents our Jewish and Democratic values, which include fighting for racial justice and combatting the rise of white supremacy and hate in America. The Reverend believes access to healthcare is a moral issues and no American should go without the care they need. Read more about where the Reverend stands on the issues.

Rev. Warnock Stands With Israel

Reverend Warnock supports a two-state solution, opposes the global BDS movement, supports the Obama/Biden MOU providing Israel with record breaking funding for security assistance, and will ensure Israel maintains its Qualitative Military Edge in the region. Read the facts on Rev. Warnock's support for Israel.

Rev. Warnock’s Opponent

Unelected Senator Kelly Loeffler has aligned herself with bigoted anti-Semites, wants to strip healthcare away from Georgians as she downplayed the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, profited off her power, and has attempted to undermine the electoral process.

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JDCA made a name for itself in the 2020 elections by producing hard hitting video ads. We were able to reach people over 43 millions times due to a sophisticated strategy, where we target Jewish voters where the Jewish vote can make the difference. Donate today to help send our ads to Jewish voters in Georgia.
Weekly Wrapup: March 5, 2021
The Battle for our Democracy Our democracy is being tested. This week, the House of Representatives canceled votes due to a threat related to the dangerous QAnon conspiracy theory. Widespread Republican voter suppression efforts through legislation in 43 states continued, and Senate Republicans obstructed passage of important bills protecting our democracy, providing COVID relief to… Continue Reading Arrow_Blue_Right
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