Americans need to feel confident in the fairness and full functioning of our democracy.

  • Campaign Finance Reform and Integrity in Government: We support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision, which has unleashed billions of dollars in secret money into our political process. We believe in the disclosure of political donors’ names and must hold our leaders and their appointees to the highest standards of accountability and transparency.


  • Election Security: We must be vigilant in combating any unlawful interference in our elections, including from hostile foreign governments or interests. We support efforts to safeguard voting systems to that ensure Americans have faith and confidence in the electoral process.


  • Gerrymandering: We support an end to partisan gerrymandering that has resulted in Congress and state legislatures not reflecting the votes of the American people.


  • Gun Safety: Inaction from our political leaders in confronting the epidemic of gun violence must not be tolerated. Supporting the Second Amendment does not preclude robust background checks and limits on the purchase of dangerous weapons. Congress and state legislatures must strengthen and adopt gun-safety measures involving semi-automatic firearms, bump stocks, silencers, high-capacity ammunition clips and “cop-killer” bullets. Legislatures must pass laws ensuring that guns do not end up in the hands of children, criminals and others unfit to bear weapons responsibly.


  • Religion and Government: We respect the religious beliefs of all Americans, but religion has no place in the public square. All Americans must feel free to practice their religion without fear of government discrimination or government favoring one religion over another. Religious institutions that receive nonprofit status should not be able to endorse political candidates.


  • Voting Rights: We should be invested in making it easier — not harder — for Americans to cast their ballots. All states should adopt or expand early voting, vote by mail, same-day registration and automatic registration programs. We oppose deliberate and subtle forms of voter suppression, such as the adoption of so-called “Voter ID” laws in many states.
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