JDCA is a 501(c)(4) organization that will actively promote to Democratic officeholders and candidates, national and local legislative policies consistent with our Jewish community values, as well as a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.

Led by a board of change-makers and philanthropists active in the national Democratic Party and the American Jewish community, JDCA also will support Democratic candidates in state and federal elections who are aligned with Jewish Democratic positions. Being engaged in this process reflects our obligation and responsibility to our faith, our values and our country.
JDCA will maintain a commitment to positive change through information sharing, issue advocacy, training and briefings, rapid response and research, messaging and other activities to support elected officials and candidates who share our values and positions.

No other organization officially and formally speaks on behalf of the combined interests of the Jewish community and Democrats.
We are that voice.


Website and Portal
JDCA’s website will serve as a one-stop portal for anyone looking for a comprehensive tool to learn more about issues of importance to the Jewish Democratic community. This one-stop shop will portray Jewish Democrats and Democrats in general in a positive light, as it provides real-time information, responses and direction to unfolding current events. Content and presentation will be crafted in a way to tap into an extended audience and to further digital engagement.

Rapid Response
Monitoring the news throughout the day, JDCA will develop and implement quick follow-up strategies, 24/7, that include rapid redistribution, particularly through social media and on the website; press statements, as needed; pushback when appropriate, including briefing members of the press and relevant stakeholders; fact-checking and fact sheets; identifying, prepping and promoting validators, ranging from members of Congress to subject matter experts; and coordinating messaging as quickly with Democratic Party, Jewish communal and aligned organizational leaders.

Voter File
A voter file is a core campaign tool to reaching out and mobilizing voters. A list of people, typically from a specific district, state, political affiliation or religious group, voter files contain names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, race and ethnicity, gender, party registration and vote history. JDCA will acquire state voter files to search for exploiting indicators of social class like stage of life, education and media consumption patterns. Those indicators will be used to attempt to classify Jewish state vote file entrants. Through further research and follow-up surveys, JDCA will create state Jewish voter files that should allow for polling or political contact of reliably Jewish respondents.

Join us!
Visit us at www.jewishdems.org or email us at info@jewishdems.org to get involved.