The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) is a 501(c)(4) organization that actively promotes domestic and foreign policy consistent with Jewish community values, including a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. As the only partisan Democratic Jewish advocacy organization, JDCA supports elected officials and candidates who share our values and policy positions. Since May, JDCA has endorsed 15 candidates in the midterm elections, advocated on a wide range of policy issues, hosted events and briefings with Members of Congress and policy experts, launched a midterm volunteer and mobilization plan, and brought-on an executive director. JDCA is now full steam ahead working toward meaningful change in November and beyond.


Promoting Political Change

Endorsements: JDCA has endorsed 15 candidates in House and Senate races where we believe the Jewish community can play a critical role in securing a Democratic victory. JDCA plans to endorse additional Democratic incumbents and challengers who share our values, with the goal of flipping red seats to blue, ensuring Democrats take back control of Congress, and laying the groundwork for a Democratic win in 2020.

Jewish vote mobilization: In campaigns where JDCA has endorsed candidates, we are aiming to energize the Jewish vote. JDCA will organize in key districts and states to mobilize Jewish voters through ad buys and social media engagement. Mobilization efforts include voter registration, canvassing, phone banking, and Get Out the Vote (GOTV). JDCA has launched a midterm volunteer sign-up and is coordinating local and traveling election volunteers.


Policy & Advocacy

Foreign Policy: JDCA has held foreign policy briefings on a range of issues including Israel, Iran, North Korea, and Russia. JDCA condemned President Trump’s refusal to acknowledge Russian meddling in the 2016 election, and demanded the President and Republicans in Congress hold Russia accountable for its crimes. JDCA criticized Republican efforts to politicize U.S. support for Israel, and reiterated its support of Israel in the face of an ongoing Iranian security threat. JDCA met with 21 Members of Congress at our recent fly-in to discuss these and other national security interests.

Supreme Court: Now that President Trump has nominated a Supreme Court justice, JDCA launched an interactive campaign to write to senators, urging them to oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. JDCA also petitioned Senate Majority Leader McConnell to adhere to the standard he established in 2016 – to not confirm a Supreme Court nominee in an election year. The stakes could not be higher because the next justice will decide on the most serious issues impacting our lives and those of future generations.

Immigration: JDCA strongly opposes President Trump’s policy of separating families at the border. JDCA has spoken out against Trump’s inhumane immigration policy by calling on Secretary Nielsen to resign, denouncing the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Muslim travel ban, and urging Congress to protect families at the border.

Additional Policy Issues: JDCA has spoken out against growing anti-Semitism and neo-Nazi sympathizers, especially among Trump supporters and Republican candidates for Congress. We have also condemned

the administration’s efforts to reduce access to affordable healthcare, and criticized its ongoing efforts to rollback environmental protections as well as eliminating guidelines for affirmative action on college campuses.


Additional Information

Leadership: JDCA’s leadership consists of a National Board representing Jewish community and political leaders from across the country and an Executive Committee. In addition, JDCA recently hired an executive director, Halie Soifer, with more than 16 years in government, working on Capitol Hill and in the executive branch. For more information about Halie’s vision and leadership, see here and here.

Get Involved: Please consider offering your support to our organization, to ensure JDCA can expand its efforts to make a difference for Democrats in November. In addition to deepening our engagement in as many critical races as possible during the midterm elections, JDCA hopes to commission a poll and focus groups, to provide the public with a comprehensive overview of the political leanings of the American Jewish electorate. In order to continue to take these and other critically important steps, we need to your support, so please consider contributing today. To receive invitations to JDCA briefing calls and a summary of what JDCA is doing each week, please sign up for our updates. Finally, sign-up here to volunteer with JDCA in the midterms.

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