Jewish Exponent: Biden Supporters Detail Roles in Election Triumph

November 12, 2020

By Jesse Bernstein 

Hailie Soifer, executive director, Jewish Democratic Council of America

If you’re a Jewish Democrat in Pennsylvania, it’s likely that Soifer and the Jewish Democratic Council of America called or texted you in the last few months. And even if you somehow escaped that, then you probably saw one of their digital ads. That’s what happens when you make 150,000 calls and texts and spend about $150,000 in a single state, as the JDCA did this year.

Both of those numbers represented a significant chunk of JDCA’s expended resources this election cycle, reflecting how important the organization understood Pennsylvania to be to the Biden campaign’s chances of victory. JDCA partnered with groups like Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania to ensure that Democrats would not lose the state and the election by the same agonizingly slim margin that they did in 2016.

For Soifer, Biden’s victory was a chance to take her children down to the major celebrations in downtown D.C. The joy, the jubilation and flag-waving wasn’t just novel for them, but for their mother, too.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Soifer said.