Jerusalem Post: Jewish Democrats endorse Joe Biden, ‘shares our values’

April 26, 2020
The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) announced on Friday it will support former vice president Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential elections, the Jewish Insider reported.

In a video, the JDCA begins by showing the viewer images from the Charlottesville march where people chanted “Jews will not replace us,” in another part of the video US President Donald Trump is shown saying “I take no responsibility.”

The scene was lifted from an interview during which Trump was asked about his responsibility for treating the coronavirus outbreak in the US.

JDCA executive director Halie Soifer said that the “JDCA is proud to support Joe Biden because he’s a principled and moral leader, and we know he’d never equivocate in the face of hatred facing Jews or anyone else.”
Biden said he feels “proud” about getting the support of the JDCA and that  “they are an important new voice for the progressive values that unite us here at home and for a secure, peaceful future for the Jewish and democratic State of Israel.”
The JDCA is against the possible annexation of lands in the West Bank included in Trump’s “Deal of the Century.”