Jerusalem Post: Halie Soifer promoted to CEO of Jewish Democratic Council of America

December 9, 2020

By JPost Staff

Halie Soifer, Jewish Democratic Council of America’s (JDCA) first executive director, has been promoted to JDCA’s first Chief Executive Officer in recognition of her work over the past two years that helped tremendously the growth of the organization, including successfully mobilizing the Jewish vote in the 2020 US election, the organization announced on Wednesday.

This promotion makes her one of a small number of women CEOs of Jewish organizations.

“We’re proud to recognize the contributions Halie has made to our organization and the Jewish American Democratic community-at-large by appointing her JDCA’s first CEO,” JDCA Board Vice-Chair Barbara Goldberg Goldman said. “This title is much deserved and a reflection of the fact that Halie was the very best person to lead this organization at the right time.”

Indeed, JDCA tripled the size of its staff ahead of the presidential election that took place on November 3, established a Next Generation Leadership Council, and created 15 state chapters.

Afterward, JDCA endorsed 121 candidates during the elections and ran digital ads for 73 candidates receiving more than 45 million views.

“In the past three years, JDCA has demonstrated its vital role in organizing Jewish voters and giving voice to Jewish and American values,” declared Soifer. “The growth of JDCA’s leadership structure is a testament to its success and the overwhelming support we’ve received from American Jews, who played a critical role ensuring Joe Biden’s historic win.”

“In a Biden administration and new Congress,” Soifer continued, “Jewish voters will continue to play a critical role advocating for policy aligned with our values, and I look forward to continuing to grow this movement as CEO.”

Goldman added, “In the next four years, JDCA has a vital role to play supporting the Democratic policy agenda on key issues of importance to Jewish Americans. These include, but extend well beyond, Israel, and JDCA has a particularly important role serving as a partner to a Biden White House.”