Hollywood Reporter: Billy Crystal Takes on “Insane” VP Debate, Teases Voting Spot With Bill Kristol for Florida Seniors

October 8, 2020

By Abbey White

Billy Crystal took a few shots at Vice President Mike Pence’s debate performance before debuting a new voting ad slated to run in Florida during his Wednesday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! …

The multihyphenate entertainer also teased a clip of a new get-out-the-vote political ad slated to run in Florida in support of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The 30-second spot, which was produced in conjunction with the Jewish Democratic Council of America and directed by Rob Reiner, features both Crystal and Kristol throwing their support behind Joe Biden.

After the comedian and political commentator are introduced, the two get into a small quibble about which “Bill” was actually called upon to do the endorsement, eventually mutually agreeing that while they “never agree on anything,” they’re both there to talk about a “president with a plan for COVID” as Kristol says, before Crystal chimes in with other issues like Medicare and Social Security.

Crystal told Kimmel that the conservative commentator had approached him about doing the ad, which is aimed at getting Florida’s senior citizens to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket, so “then there’s almost no way that Trump can win the election.” After calling Kristol’s willingness to do the ad in light of his “disdain for what’s happened to his party” both “great and noble of him,” Crystal dubbed the duo “ivory and ivory” and explained why now was the time to do a political ad after years of supporting candidates less visibly.