Times of Israel: Don’t Fall for It

The pro-Israel community should be celebrating today’s strong bipartisan support for Israel and resisting attempts to turn Israel into yet another issue separated by a partisan divide. Yet some Republicans continue to violate a cardinal principle of pro-Israel advocacy by distorting their opponents’ positions on Israel for partisan gain.

The Jewish vote can make a difference in many close races, and Republicans are trying to shift the focus from Trump to a handful of Democrats whose positions, to the extent even known, don’t reflect Democratic values. Don’t fall for this diversionary tactic.

Trump ran a campaign laced with anti-Semitic tropes, including a last-minute anti-Semitic ad. Israel’s biggest external threat is a nuclear-armed Iran. Against the advice even of people who initially opposed the Iran Deal, Trump pulled out of the deal without a Plan B. Israel is far less safe today than it was when Trump took office, and just recently, Trump slapped tariffs on aluminum and steel from Israel.

Israel’s biggest internal threat is losing its Jewish, democratic character, which underpins the Zionist dream. The two-state solution is the only solution for Israel and the Palestinians. Neither side has leadership ready and willing to make peace, but as Dan Shapiro explains, that’s all the more reason for the U.S. to do all it can to preserve the possibility of a two-state solution. And Trump isn’t doing that.

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