JDCA Takes Action Against Family Separation – Weekly Roundup

This week, the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) has taken action in support of our values and against the Trump administration’s unconscionable policy forcibly separating children from their parents. JDCA launched a petition calling for the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen over her role overseeing the policy’s implementation and obfuscation of the facts that we all know — families have been torn apart and children have been detained in cages, at the directive of President Trump. In addition, JDCA also joined a letter, along with many other Jewish organizations, condemning this policy as a betrayal of Jewish values. And today, JDCA implored Congress to pass legislation reunifying children with their parents and ending family separations. Read on and learn more about how you can also take action … 


JDCA Demands Resignation of DHS Secretary Nielsen
On Tuesday, JDCA launched a petition demanding that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resign following the Trump administration’s inhumane decision to separate families at the border. While President Trump signed an executive order (EO) earlier this week regarding immigration, the EO has proven to be no more than empty words, which does nothing to address the plight of nearly 2,000 children separated from their parents. It remains to be seen how the new EO will be implemented and what will happen to the families which have already been torn apart. Join the more than 1,300 people who have already signed the petition. Read the text, add your name here
, share it on social media, and forward to your contacts, urging them to take action with JDCA.


JDCA Joins Letter Opposing Family Separations
On Monday, JDCA joined a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary Nielsen co-signed by many of the leading American Jewish organizations condemning President Trump’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy separating families at the border. Upon signing the letter, JDCA executive director Halie Soifer issued the following statement:

“The Jewish Democratic Council of America is horrified by reports of children being forcibly separated from their parents on our borders. American Jews know all too well the horrific consequences of excessively restrictive immigration policies, and of inhumane treatment of those seeking protection. We expect our government to pursue policies that adhere to the values of our country, and respect the dignity of those seeking to live among us. The egregiously painful policy of ripping children from their parents conjures images of the darkest moments in our history, which we have collectively vowed to never allow again.

“President Trump’s immigration policy is inconsistent with international law protecting asylum seekers, and antithetical to Democratic and Jewish values. His cynical exploitation and use of innocent children as a political pawn in our national immigration debate is a cruel betrayal of such values. Make no mistake – forced family separation is an unconscionable and inhumane immigration policy devised and implemented by President Trump, and we implore him and Republicans in Congress to bring it to an immediate end.”

JDCA Urges Congress to Pass Two Family Reunification Bills
On Friday, JDCA issued the following statement urging Congress to pass two bills regarding the Trump administration’s immigration policy and imploring Republicans to support the legislation:

“President Trump’s recently-signed executive order is little more than empty words on a page. Nearly 2,000 children remain separated from their parents in detention facilities across the United States. The president’s unconscionable policy of forcibly separating families and detaining children is far from over, and Congress must take action.

“Republicans in Congress have proposed a quick fix that does meaningfully address the inhumane policy of family separation. Speaker Ryan’s immigration bill, now under consideration in the House, does not reunify families that have been torn apart, nor does it prevent this from happening again.

“JDCA supports two pieces of legislation now under consideration in the Senate – the HELP Separated Children Act and the Keep Families Together Act . The first bill would reunify children with their parents. The second bill would prohibit the separation of migrant families arriving at our border, and ensure children are no longer separated from their parents. Currently, neither bill has a single Republican co-sponsor. JDCA implores Republicans to support these bills and stand on the right side of history in this crucial moment.

“It is long past time for Republicans in Congress to demonstrate the moral courage to oppose President Trump, and ensure that children are treated humanely at and within our borders. JDCA urges Congress to act today and expeditiously pass the HELP Separated Children Act and the Keep Families together Act.”

Washington Jewish Week Profiles Executive Director Halie Soifer
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