With Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, J Street PAC new endorses more than half of incumbent Dems

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The political action committee affiliated with J Street added Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts to its list of endorsed senators, with the result that over half of the Senate’s Democratic caucus now has the endorsement of the liberal Jewish Middle East policy group.

In its decade of existence, J Street has moved from garnering a handful of endorsees to affiliation with more than half of the caucus in the Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, where it endorses 102 out of 192 incumbents.

The 25 J Street endorsements — out of 49 in the Democratic caucus — is a sign of how aligned the group sees its policies with those of  the Democratic Party. J Street, which supports the two-state solution, is often harshly critical of the policies of the current Israeli government, leading many Jewish groups to its right to charge that it is not sufficiently pro-Israel.

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