Times of Israel: Jewish Democrats slam David Friedman’s ‘explicitly partisan rhetoric

A group of Jewish Democrats on Thursday slammed US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman for a “politically divisive” and “damaging” interviewto The Times of Israel, in which he said Republicans are better friends of Israel.

“It is truly unprecedented for a sitting US Ambassador to Israel to engage in explicitly partisan rhetoric and behavior. Ambassador Friedman must remember that he is not the head of the Republican National Committee or the Republican Jewish Coalition political organization,” said former Congressman Ron Klein (D-FL), who chairs the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

Klein, who represented Florida’s 22th District between 2006 and 2010, added that Friedman represents all Americans, not only those of one party or those who share his political views.

“Ambassador Friedman should spend more time cultivating the historically bipartisan nature of the US-Israel partnership, as opposed to being politically divisive in his words and actions, including his refusal to invite Democratic members of Congress to the Jerusalem embassy opening,” Klein continued. “This type of partisan behavior is damaging to our national interests and must stop immediately.”


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