Jewish Democrats Stand with Israel in Face of Iranian Threat

Former Congressman Ron Klein (D-FL), chair of the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA), issued the following statement on behalf of the organization following Iran’s attacks on Israel last night:

Since the Islamic Revolution, the mullahs who rule Iran have issued genocidal threats against the state of Israel, and last night was proof once again that these are not idle words. In a first, the Iranian military fired dozens of rockets from Syria into the Golan Heights, the strategic plateau that marks the border between Syria and Israel. This was the latest of numerous provocations from the Iranian regime, which has turned the turmoil of the Syrian Civil War to its advantage, entrenching its military influence in the war-torn country.

Israel has an unquestionable right to self-defense in the face of this armed aggression, and it responded decisively with an air raid that wiped out most of Iran’s military installations in Syria. The days ahead are a dangerous time for the people of Israel, especially those living near the northern border, who have had to evacuate their homes and take refuge in bomb shelters. Iran must refrain from further hostile acts, or face the risks that come with escalation. Israel is strong, and it will protect its citizens and lands. We hope that peace can return to northern Israel and the Golan Heights. Whatever the outcome, the United States must stand with the Jewish state as it faces down the Iranian menace.