JDCA celebrates Israel’s Independence Day

As Israel marks its seventieth anniversary today, not just Israelis, but also Jews around the globe, can take enormous pride in all that Israel continues to achieve. Israelis have built from scratch a world-class society that is prosperous, cultured and humane. Facing existential threats from hostile neighbors and the constant menace of terror, Israel has resolutely maintained its democracy, the only true one in all of the Middle East. And, even as a two-state solution remains elusive, Israel continues to boldly pursue peace with its neighbors. The modern state of Israel began as the quixotic idea, a dream of an Austrian journalist, Theodor Herzl.

Indeed, it now is our reality.

On this joyous occasion, we recommit ourselves to ensuring that Israel’s right to exist, safety, and security are sacrosanct, and where Jews worldwide have a home free of persecution and oppression.