The Hill: Juan Williams: The GOP’s tired Farrakhan smear

Republicans need some new material. Seriously.

Their latest effort is a desperate attempt to use 84-year-old Louis Farrakhan, the racist leader of the cult-like Nation of Islam, to silence President Trump’s critics in the Congressional Black Caucus.

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Farrakhan earlier this month, saying “Sounds like the Democrat’s [sic] front runner for 2020. I guess they finally embraced God… which is nice!”

Trump Jr.’s tweet is aimed at pushing the lie that blacks in Congress are hypocrites for not calling out racism from a black man: Farrakhan. There’s also the suggestion that anti-white racism is key to black opposition to the president.

In fact, Farrakhan has been a known black separatist for the last half century. He condemns white people as “devils” in a twisted attempt to bolster the self-image of poor black people in the face of racism.

He also makes vile comment about Jews. And he regularly skewers mainstream black politicians and reporters who support racial integration.

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